I am currently working with a customer to remediate a temperature regulation problem in his home, which was build in the 1990s. The home had a standard HVAC system and standard insulation for that time.

The customer works from home in a dormered office, which is above his attached garage. In the summer his office was too hot, and in the winter it was too cold. Since he is working from that space he felt that it was necessary to improve his home’s temperature regulation.

His HVAC system was old and inefficient and he elected to replace it, which was accomplished in a single day.

Although the new units look similar to his past system they are much more energy efficient. We also removed his old insulation and added better insulation, which I’ll talk about in the next posts.

The old AC condenser unit being removed.
The new more efficient AC condenser.
The old inefficient furnace.

The new efficient furnace.