One of the latest wood flooring materials is engineered wood.  This is very different from laminated “Pergo” flooring, which looks cheap and wears poorly.

Engineered wood has plywood as a base with a 1/8″ veneer of the wood floor of your choice (white oak, red oak, and others). By using this technique you create a very stable floor that isn’t impacted by changes in our season cycle.  You don’t get shrinkage with low humidity or swelling with high humidity.  The product is about 25-35% more expensive than a traditional wood floor but offers more advantages.  For instance, it can be successfully placed on concrete.  I wouldn’t advise placing a traditional wood floor on such a surface.

Engineered floors can be glued to the substrate floor.  A glued floor has greatly reduced deflection and thereby greatly reduced squeaking.

The floor looks fantastic, as the surface is real oak.  The planks can be purchased both finished and unfinished.  The following photos show the installation sequence.

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Using glue on a hardwood floor.

Installed engineered wood floor planks.

The finished floor is beautiful!