I am doing a kitchen remodel in Glen Ellyn.  The customer is joining his dining room and kitchen together.  This will turn two small rooms into a large and wonderful kitchen space.

The dining room already has an oak floor, and the owner wanted me to weave the new kitchen floor into the dining room floor.  On the surface this makes sense.  Why pay for a new floor when you can get away with using old materials?  Unfortunately, the old floor had significant problems.  There were excessive gaps between the slats, and more importantly, it was installed on  1 x 2 slippers.  A much better option is to use a solid subfloor.  Floors on slippers are less stable and would blend poorly with the new flooring on a solid base.

He elected to replace all of the flooring, giving him a solid and unified surface that he can be proud of for years to come.

Old floor on slippers

Laying the new floor

Ready to stain