A customer wanted me to replace his current closet door with a pocket door.  This was a great idea because it would allow for more wall space in his bedroom, and it also made the adjacent bathroom ADA compliant.  However, sometimes a remodel has hidden costs.  Naturally, the pocket door has to go into a pocket.  Unfortunately, that space was already occupied by an electrical switch and the thermostat.

Now a carpentry job also became an electrical job.  The electric had to be moved, which  involved changes in the junction boxes before and after that connection.  This added to the cost.  However, the additional cost was worth it as it gave our customer  more flexibility in a room that he spends a lot of time in.  Over time the cost benefit ratio is low.

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Electric and thermostat are in the way for a new pocket door.

Junction box before the electrical connection.

Junction box after the electrical connection.