A customer of mine has a room above his garage that he uses as a work-from-home office. Unfortunately, the room is cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

Since he spends a great deal of time in that space he was looking for a solution to this climate control problem. We chose to solve his issue on several fronts. Last week I wrote about upgrading his HVAC system. This week I’ll write about changing his insulation.

He currently had fiberglass insulation that was doing an inadequate job. He decided to upgrade his garage ceiling (the floor to his office) to foam insulation. There are two basic types of foam insulation, open cell, and closed cell.

Closed cell is more difficult to install because it needs to be applied in multiple layers. If it is done incorrectly it won’t cure properly. However, it offers a much greater R value.

The photos below show the process that we used to install foam insulation.

The old garage ceiling had to be removed along with its low R value insulation before the closed cell foam insulation could be applied.
Old drywall and old fiberglass insulation removed from the garage ceiling.
The foam gun used to spray closed cell foam insulation.
Sprayed in multiple layers, the completed insulation job (new ceiling drywall still to come).