When most people think of drywall they think of one type, gypsum board.  However, there are several types of drywall, as well as several drywall thicknesses.

I am currently remodeling a basement that has a history of flooding.  Naturally, we are taking step to remediate that problem.  However, it is always important to go the extra mile when you are doing quality work.  Instead of using standard gypsum board I chose a moisture and mold resistant drywall.  This type of drywall has strands of fiberglass imbedded into it allowing a paperless construction.  In addition, it is manufactured to be moisture and mold resistant.

Although it is more expensive it will save the owner money in the long run, if his basement ever floods again.

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Moisture resistant drywall will be hung on the bottom of the walls.

View of the moisture resistant drywall from the backside.