Hardwood floors are popular because they add both style and warmth. However, sometimes a section can get damaged to the point that it can’t be easily repaired. Additionally, floors are added after other structures in a room have been established leading to gaps.

In todays example I did a remodeled where the owner wanted some bookshelves removed. Unfortunately, there was no hardwood flooring underneath the bookcase. The solution was to weave in new wood, while being careful to match the species of the new planks with the old ones. After the planks were weaved the entire floor was refinished, and you would never know that a repair had taken place. Sometimes planning and care can heal old wounds! See photos below.

The bookcase was removed which revealed only subfloor beneath.
Preparing to weave in the new flooring.
The new flooring weaved into the original flooring. Next step is to refinish the entire floor.
All done! Looks pretty good, don’t you think?