If your project contains wood it is likely that you will need to stain that wood. Staining is a fairly easy process, but a few simple tricks can turn a DIY looking job into one that looks much more professional. See the photos below.

After a light sanding I use compressed air to remove any dust and debris.
A spray bottle can make your staining job easier. You can buy a new one, but here I’m using a washed-out used bottle.
First I apply a pre-stain. This clear solution evens out the porosity of the wood yielding a more even final finish. Make sure you read the instructions on the can as the stain needs to be applied within several hours of this pre-treatment.
I also use the spray bottle to apply the stain. It works well to get the stains into all of this door’s nooks and crannies. I’m using a lint-free cloth to evenly smear the stain over the surface of the door.
Don’t forget to do the edges!
All done! A pro-finish.