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Recent Articles

Using A Demolition Hammer To Remove Old Ceramic Tiles

The townhome that I'm renovating has a basement that is below one-half of the main level. The rest of the main level, including the kitchen, is on a concrete slab. I'm converting the living spaces into a large great room, and I have to remove the kitchen and hall...

A Burst Water Pipe

There always seems to be surprises when I work on a project. When I had the water turned on to the townhouse that I purchased I checked around and everything seemed nice a dry. However, when I opened an outside spigot I discovered that the line to that faucet had...

Hidden Black Mold!

When I purchased my current project my thought was to completely remodel the townhome. This meant removing the entire interior down to the studs. During this process I discovered several things that made me glad that I made this decision. Doors, Windows, and other...


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