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Recent Articles

Duplicating A Factory Finish Using An Air-Assisted Sprayer

I am installing siding on a customer's house.  We need to using siding from two different manufacturers to achieve the look he wants. Naturally, it is impossible to get a color match when doing this.  The solution to this problem is to paint the siding ourselves....

Insulated Ductwork For A New HVAC System

Sometimes I have to replace entire home systems.  Such is the case below where I had to replaced the owner's HVAC system.  His old system had been damaged by fire.  In addition, he chose to move walls, which required going to a two furnace system. When you have ducts...

The Beauty Behind The Walls

As I have mentioned in previous post, I am working on a complete home renovation.  The entire house was gutted, and now it has to be repaired and brought up to current building code standards. This means that I have had to replace all of the house systems, including...


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