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Recent Articles

A Flat Tire At A Clean Worksite

I make a strong effort to keep my worksites clean and tidy. I know it is a hassle for a customer to have to pick up after a remodel. However, sometimes the smallest debris can cause big problems. I noticed that I was losing air on one of my vehicle's tires, and with...

Protecting The Customer’s Property

Some people shop for price, others shop for value. Those that are only concerned with price will often find that their completed job is not done to their satisfaction. There are other considerations when determining what contractor you want to use. Some contractors...

Attaching Grab Bars In A Shower

Grab bars can add a measure of safety to a shower or tub, but they must be attached properly to insure that they are solidly connected to the wall. Ideally, it is best to screw them directly into the wall studs, but this isn't always possible. However, you can still...


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