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Recent Articles

Going Squirrelly

I was replacing a roof and came upon a surprising find. Buried under the ridge shingles I found a snack catch of nut and seeds. The snacks were both carefully placed and hidden from prying eyes. A perfect spot for a quick meal. Like most properties, this one had some...

What Happens When A Pipe Is Not Properly Pitched.

Sometimes a simple sounding repair can be very complicated. A customer wanted me to repair a damaged drain pipe that was leaking into his basement. Unfortunately, the pipe was located under the portion of his house that was on a concrete slab. My plumber tried to...

Dirty Work

I have lived in the states for almost 30 years, and as long as I have lived here I've watched do-it-yourself (DIY) shows. The host of these programs are usually dressed in their casual best as they tackled both large and small remodeling projects. Most jobs will have...


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