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Recent Articles

Upgrading Your HVAC System

I am currently working with a customer to remediate a temperature regulation problem in his home, which was build in the 1990s. The home had a standard HVAC system and standard insulation for that time. The customer works from home in a dormered office, which is above...

Out Of The Ashes Rises A New Kitchen

When a house has a fire the damage goes well beyond the flames. Smoke and water damage can be just as destructive as heat damage. My customer's kitchen was completely destroyed by a house fire that was localized in his attached garage. Nothing could be salvaged. They...

How NOT to install siding.

I am currently doing a bid on a property to replace damaged siding. When I examined the current siding I saw that despite being cedar siding, it had significant rot. On closer examination the reason for this became clear. The siding was touching the roof shingles....


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