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Recent Articles

A Sunken Front Stoop

A common problem with front stoops is that they settle and sink. Sometimes this is just an unsightly annoyance, but at other times such sinking can actually cause structural damage. A reason for this problem is that the soil under the stoop was disturbed prior to the...

A Temporary Roof Support

I am currently doing some exterior work on a home built in the 1980s. I'm replacing the roof, siding, porch concrete pad, and the front columns of the house. The columns have to be replaced as the concrete pad that they sit on is sinking and cracked, and the columns...

A Tale Of Two Windows

If you examine the photo below you will see two windows that seem to be almost identical, but they are not. The older window was the original contractor grade one which was replaced by the window on the right, which is a Pella Lifestyle Series window. Here are some of...


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