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Pouring Concrete In 30 Degree Weather

In a perfect world concrete would be poured on days when it was 70 degrees.  We do not live in a perfect world. I'm working on an extensive rehab, and the next phase of the project involves pouring the front walk. It isn't feasible to live in a house without a front...

How To Do Exterior Painting When The Temp Is 20 Degrees

When it is cold outside it can be impossible to paint exterior siding. You can have siding pre-painted, but it is very expensive.  I have an excellent Graco air/airless paint sprayer and I am using it to paint the siding for a remodel that I'm working on....

Use The Right Drywall For The Right Job

When most people think of drywall they think of one type, gypsum board.  However, there are several types of drywall, as well as several drywall thicknesses. I am currently remodeling a basement that has a history of flooding.  Naturally, we are taking step to...


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