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Recent Articles

Turning Trees Into Boards

You may recall from previous posts that I decided to use fallen oak trees for the wood in the townhome that I'm renovating. Most of these trees would have been ground to pulp if I had not used them. This is the first time that I had used actual trees as a building...

Radiant Heat For A Basement

You may recall that I'm doing a total remodel on a townhome in Naperville. Part of that process included lowering the basement by one foot. This has been a very arduous task. However, I feel that the end results will justify the means. Since I had to remove the...

Adding A New Support Post

I'm renovating a 100 year old house in Downers Grove. The owner wanted to open up the first floor, which involved removing a first floor wall.. This wall added to the structural integrity of the home. Typically, it is necessary to add a new support beam in the ceiling...


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