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As you may recall I recently work on the exterior of a house that needed a new front porch. The old porch had shifted, which also disconnected the home's decorative front columns. Those columns were in bad shape, and were rotting. We replaced the columns with 1 x 10...

When Mice Attack

I'm remodeling a house that was built about 30 years ago. Although this house is in a suburb that has good building codes, those codes have updated during the years. Currently, all new homes in that suburb require fire stopping. This involves sealing holes between...

A Way To Fill Concrete Cracks

There are two things that you can say about concrete, no one will ever steal it, and it will crack. Significant cracks can be a sign that the concrete pad is unstable. Minor cracks can look unsightly, but they are normal. Many people simply pour liquid concrete into...


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