We provide remodeling and design services that unify both your exterior and interior in a way that small businesses can’t, but with a personal touch that large corporations are unable to give.



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Jobs that some contractors reject.

Let's face it, most contractors want big jobs. Unfortunately, that leaves the little jobs undone. Sometimes folks will turn them into DIY projects, but the results can range from OK to a very homemade look. I like doing the big jobs too, but I also know that there is...

How To Patch A Hole In Drywall.

A customer asked me if I could patch some holes in his ceiling and walls. They had been created by a HVAC technician who was doing some exploratory work. In addition, he needed me to build an enclosure for a new vent that the HVAC tech put in. I'll save that for...

Time For Family

As the owner of Gizmo Home Craft I not only have the benefits, but also the responsibilities of running a business. No work can mean no income. It is easy to fall into a practice of all work and no play in an effort to support my family. I know that my family needs me...


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