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More work than it looks

There are many small tasks that have to be done when a room is remodeled. This is especially the case when remodeling a kitchen. The photos below show just one of the tasks, installing cabinet hardware. In this example, we had 44 cabinet handles, each individually...

Wall Removal Kitchen Remodel

Many homes built in the 1940s through the 1970s had small kitchens and small dining rooms.  This was the fashion of the day.  However, times and tastes change.  Our lifestyles are more casual now, and it is more important to have useable spaces than formal rooms. I...

Joining Cast Iron Fittings with Oakum and Lead

It is interesting to see how the various trades do their jobs.  My plumber, John, had to join some cast iron fittings at one of my worksites.  The following video shows how he did it.


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