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Radiant Floor Heating

Most modern homes use forced air heating. This type of heating works well, and the same duct work can be used for cooling making it a cost effective solution. However, there are other ways to heat a home, as many who lives in an older house or apartment can attest to....

Grinding Cement

Part of the renovation of my townhome involves replacing the old ceramic floors with wood ones. The old floors were cemented to the concrete slab and when they were removed they left quite a bit of residue mortar. The most reasonable way to get that mortar off was to...

Spray Painting Primer.

The townhouse that I'm renovating has a two story ceiling with many angles. Now that the wallboard is in place it is time to prime them. Naturally, this could be done with a traditional brush or roller, but that would be very time consuming. I'm fortunate to have a...


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