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Weather, Weather, Weather!

I am replacing a roof for a customer in Plainfield. The new roof is long overdue, but the customer was waiting on an insurance claim for this project. Finally, his roof was approved, but there was a problem as we were entering late fall. When it comes to outside work...

The Difference In Power Washers

Many home owners have power washers. Most of them use the electric type. However, all power washers are not created equal. Most purchasers buy their washer based on the PSI rating. This number describes the force of the water being pushed through the machines nozzle....

What Makes A High Efficiency Furnace High Efficiency?

I am replacing an HVAC system in an older home (1970s). Although the new furnace looks similar to the old one it has features that make it more efficient. The old furnace was 80% efficient. This means that 80% of the heat contained in the natural gas that it used was...


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