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Recent Articles

A New Gutter Color

The vast majority of customers want white gutters. In fact, if you drive around any neighborhood you would be surprised if you saw gutters the were any other color. However, gutters are available in a variety of colors. I replaced the gutters for a customer in Villa...

Using A Drywall Template

Drywall sheets are heavy and awkward to move. Their unwieldily nature can be especially difficult when they need to be mounted in confined areas. I had a garage heater installed in the townhouse that I'm renovating. The heater was suspended using rods that were...

A Roof With Problems

I'm doing a roof job for a customer in Naperville who just bought a home. The current roof has two layers of shingles on the roof deck. In cases like this the old shingles have to be removed as a third layers would add too much weight to the existing structure. A...


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