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Recent Articles

A Kitchen Unboxing

I am rebuilding a house that was fire damaged.  When you work on a project that is this large the progress may seem slow, as so many different tasks need to be done in a specific order. This Wednesday I received a truckload of boxes.  Those boxes contained my...

Raw Beauty To Sophisticated Class, Bead-Board

I am remodeling a client's basement.  It is a large space.  He has decided to use bead-board as an accent. My finish carpenter put a lot of effort into the chair rail detail and baseboard.  As you can see by the unfinished wood photos, the raw wood looks interesting...

Window Well Replacement, The Right Tools.

I am replacing the window wells at a customer's home.  He disliked the original ones, which had become old and rusted.  He felt that they detracted from his property. Naturally, the first step in replacing a window well is removing the old one.  This can be done...


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