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Ultimate Recycling-DIY Trees To Boards

We live in a disposable world, and with each Solo cup or plastic wrapper we contribute to global warming. Living in a modern society has many advantages, but some of these short-term perks can have long term consequences. Like many, I try to turn off my lights, and I...

My Mobile Office

In 1993 I bought a cell phone, and I thought I had arrived. I could take and answer phone calls from anywhere. In those days texting was not an option. Over the years my reliance on using technology has increased, and I now have a complete mobile office. I still need...

More On The Window Wells

You may recall that I enlarged both the basement windows and the window wells on the townhouse that I'm renovating. The window wells are a lower priority job on this project, and I'm continuing to work on them as time permits. Below are some of my more recent efforts....


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