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Recent Articles

Garbage Everywhere

With construction, there is often deconstruction.  There are a lot of materials that have to be removed with any remodeling job. Naturally, I try to recycle as much as I can.  Aluminum can be scrapped. Clean concrete can be repurposed to make asphalt. Even cardboard...

Using An Odor Encapsulant To Block Smoke Odors

I am doing an extensive rebuild of a fire damaged home in Naperville.  One of the biggest problems has been to eliminate the smell of smoke.  The house was gutted and all charred parts were removed.  I also used a professional odor elimination fog (Odor X/Thermo...

Hidden Damage (Part II)

Last week I showed you the damage that can happen to a joist when it is not properly flashed. To repair the area below the patio door we had to jackhammer the stoop to remove it.  The old joist was taken out, and it was replaced with a new board of treated lumber. ...


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