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Recent Articles

How To Move 23,000 Pounds Of Drywall

A single sheet of drywall is 4' x 12' and weighs about 77 pounds.  Dry wall is typically shipped in sheets of two, so that would be 154 pounds total weight.  Add to this fact that drywall is somewhat fragile. It is awkward to move a few sheets of drywall for a DIY...

Duct Tightness Test

New homes, and those that are extensively remodeled, now require a duct tightness test.  This test determines the amount of leakage in a home's HVAC ductwork.  All ducts leak, as they are constructed in segments that are screwed and taped together.  However, an...

What A Building Inspector Taught Me

I'm installing new gas pipes in a house.  These pipes are under low pressure and (of course) they have to be completely sealed.  To make sure that they are safe they are filled with air at 25 PSI.  A pressure gauge is attached and monitored to make certain that there...


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